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Our Church is a center for spiritual growth, where positive attitudes are developed, where good people become better, where hurts are healed, where lessons are learned, where friendships are developed, where marriages are strengthened, where families are bonded, where the restless find peace, where love is alive,where God and where Jesus Christ is Lord. We are on a campaign when a noble spread the message of the Gospel which brings a life-changing experience

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A trip is being organized to Portugal/Fatima on May 19-31, 2023 under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Ihor. Registration and deposit deadline is January 30, 2023. Any questions contact Fr. Ihor or Marijka Helbig at 201-463-4656 for more information


If you need a letter stating your 2022 church donation, please contact Lisa Dries

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Jordan Blessing of Homes - As you received your new donation envelopes for the next year, there is a card, "Blessing of Homes". Please fill out this card, and return it as soon as possible if you would like to have your house blessed after the Theophany.

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If anyone who is sick and hombound and wishes to receive the Sacraments of Confessions & Communion , please call Fr. Ihor at the rectory.

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Lent will begin on Monday, February 20 and as is the usual custom of our church, we will remember our dearly departed ones during Lent by our private prayers. If you wish to have your departed loved ones remembered at that time, please place their name(s) on the "Special remembrance" envelope dated February 5. Let us remember and pray for our deceased family members. Submit the names of your beloved departed and plan on attending the Sorokousty Service every Saturday morning during the Great Lent.

Saturdays:  4pm in English

Sundays: 11am in Ukrainian / English

Holydays: Check the website

Confessions: Half hour before Liturgy

Divine Liturgy

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Baptism Barndt.jpg

We welcome to our parish family Donald Stephen Barndt, son of Thomas and Stephanie Barndt, on the occasion of his baptism. May the good Lord keep him healthy and happy and guide him throughout his life.

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Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple.

On this day our Church has tradition of blessing candles which can be lit during the year to mark special family gatherings with prayer.

Lord, may this candle be a light for you to enlighten me in my difficulties. May it be a fire for you to burn out of me all pride, selfishness and impurity. May it be a flame for you to bring warmth into my heart towards my family, my neighbors and all those who meet me.

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2023 church envelopes & calendars can be found in the church hall. Please be sure to pick them up. EVERY FAMILY is asked to fill out a NEW registration card, which can be found in your donation envelope box. You can drop it in the collection basket.

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   His Excellency John Bura, Auxiliary Bishop-Emeritus of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia passed away on January 17, 2023.

   Funeral services will be celebrated on January 23-24, 2023 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Philadelphia with Metropolitan Borys Gudziak as principal celebrant.


The Thrift Store is open every Saturday, weather permitted, from 11am to 3pm.

Donations can be dropped off at the store or call Barbara Catherman at 610-710-1342 to arrange a time convenient for you.

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Dear Parishioners! The only way that we can continue our ministry is with your generous financial help. Thank you for your generosity in the weekly collectiuon. Know that we need your help and deeply appreciate the sacrifices you make!

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

At this special time of the year, not only would I like to extend a very "Merry Christmas" to each of you, but a special "thank you" to all those who are so giving of their time and talent to help our parish in many ways throughout the year. Your deeds do not go unnoticed and I'm very grateful for your love and support! May every joy be yours this holy season!! As Saint Irenaeus of Lyons put it in the second century, "God became man so that man could become like God." This is the cause of our joy in these most holy days. Make room for the newborn Christ into your hearts and homes! Push aside, for a little while, the decorations, wrapping paper and the endless trays of cookies. Let it be a time when you and your family stop and appreciate the wonder of greatest gift of all, experience the peace and awe of Christmas, a special time made radiant with the light that is Jesus, our Emmanuel! During the Christmas season let us pray for peace on earth, and especially for peace in our beloved Ukraine, but let us also work to create an atmosphere of peace wherever we live and wherever we go - the peace which Jesus came to bring to our world. Have a prayerful, peace-filled Christmas season and a New Year filled with hope! Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Fr. Ihor

Fr. Ihor and Family would to express their sincerest appreciation to our parishioners for their Christmas greetings and gifts. May your kindness be rewarded with good health, much happiness and God's blessings and graces!

A Special Thanks to all our parishioners, who helped to prepare our church for the celebration of Christmas. May the good Lord abundantly bestow His blessings upon you!

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Christmas Grand Raffle Basket Update

Congratulations to Lisa Dries, the winner of the Grand Raffle Basket! 

   Ticket sales and monetary donations totaled $1300 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine. The success of this fundraiser was due to the overwhelming compassion our communities have for the people in Ukraine. A sincere thank you to all the businesses and organizations that supported our raffle with donations, time, and resources. Finally, thanks to our friends, and family who donated to start this project and helped sell tickets.  

   In January 2023 a Liturgy will be offered in honor of all Christmas raffle supporters. May God reward your generosity and bless you richly.


Sts. Peter and Paul Thrift Store Committee.

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There are two repair projects that will be done to the church. The first project is  to repair the dome and roof that will begin this week. The cost is over $50,000. The second project is replacing the air conditioning unit. We are asking for donations to help us ease the cost of paying for these projects. Thanks to the Donald Family for their $25,000 contribution. If you would like to donate, please contact Fr. Ihor

Thank you.jpg

Thank you to the parishioners who made donations the building renovations.

May God reward your gnerosity and bless you richly for many happy years!

The Donald Famiuly - $25,000

Cyndee Bono - $1,000

Paul Kowal - $1,000

Bob and Lisa Dries - $500

Andrij and Luba Chornodolsky - $500

in memory of Michael Kuzminsky

Russell & Nancy Zquta - $1,000

in memory of his parents, Stefan & Pauline Zquata

Gene & Ann Rydel - $2,000

in memory of their parents and siblings.

Donna Fuga - $5,000

in memory of Mark and Christopher Fuga

Elaine Norman - $1,000

Gasior Family - $1,000

in memory of John Gasior

Joe Gramas - $4,000

in memory of John Gasior

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T-Shirts are available and can be purchased for a $20 donation. If you are interested, contyact Lisa Dries or Vera Andryczyk

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Yard Signs are available after Saturday and Sunday Liturgies with a $20 donation

Andrej Rabij.jpg

Pope Francis has appointed Most Rev. Andriy Rabiy, auxiliary bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia, to be the new auxiliary bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg. The Holy See made the announcement on November 10.

Mnohaya Leeta! God Grant Them Many Years!

Thank you to the anonymous donor for the donation to our church a new set of altar linens,  priestly vestments, and church banners. May God reward your generosity and bless you richly for many happy years!

Seminary Day.jpg

A check for over $45,000 was presented to Archbishop Borys Gudziak for support of St. Josaphat's Seminary in Washington DC. This donation was funded by profits from Seminary Day held at St. Nicholas Hall Minersville/

On October 27, the Vatican announced that the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC has elected Father Mykola Semenyshyn as an Assistant Bishop of the Ivano-Frankivsk Archdiocese of the UGCC. The Holy Father Francis consented in this decision, appointing him the titular seat of Junka of Mauritania.

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​Any gravesite decorations should be removed and taken home to discard and not left at the cemetery. No Dumping is Allowed on the cemetery property. We are unable to discard of them and would like to keep our cemetery neat and free of unwanted decorations. Thank you for your cooperation.

If anyone who is sick or homebound wishes to receive the Sacraments of Confession and Communion, please contact Fr. Ihor at the rectory (610-933-7801 or 973-979-3430).

We ask for you support to the church. Your generous donations helps pay our bills and maintain the church. You may mail your weekly offerings to the church office.

If you would like to
request a Liturgy for a family member or friend, there are envelopes in the vestibule of the church. Please complete the information and include your free will donation. Thank you.

We would like to
increase our choir membership. If you love to sing, please consider to be a part of our church choir. Contact Marusia Dombchewsky after Sunday's Liturgy.

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On October 27, the Vatican announced the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC has elected Father Mykola Semenyshyn as an assistant bishop of the Ivano-Frankivsk Archdiocese of the UGCC.

Congratulations Father Ronnie Popivchak, our former pastor, for being rewarded the first recipient of the Metropolitan Service Award. Mnohaya Leeta!

Thank you to the anonymous donor for the donation to our church a new set of altar linens, a new set of priestly vestments, and a new set of church banners. May God reward your generosity and bless you richly for many happy years!

To see the updated Humanitarian Aid Fund  Distribution, see the "Archeparchy" tab on the website.

Archbishop-Metropolitan Borys Gudziak and Auxiliary Bishop Andriy Rabiy participated at the installation of Bishop Bryan Bayda to the see of the Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada. 


Humanitarian Aid Fund Report as of May 31, 2022:

Redner's Supermarket has a program "Save-A-Tape" whereby they offer to non-profit organizations a 1% Rebate Offer. Please drop your Redner's receipt in the basket at the back of the church or send your collection of receipts and mail it to Father Ihor.

We need volunteers to staff the Church Thrift Store on the weekends when the store is opened. Check this website for days and hours the Thrift Store will be opened or call Cyndee at 610-587-1471. Your help will be appreciated. 

Goals have been set for the Planning in the Archeparchy of Philadelphia: the Preparatory Phase. For more information click on this link:

Get "The Way" sent right to your email. The new format makes it easy to read. To subscribe send a message to

Each family needs to complete the Registration Card that is found in the church envelopes. Include your email address. If nothing has changed please mark "No Changes".

If you have moved, changed address, added or changed your email address, please notify Lisa Dries.

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THANK YOU!!! To all our parish community volunteers who worked tirelessly at the Classic Car Show and Bazaar! It is a true blessing to see all of us working in Christ's Church and to be united as one in our love toward God and people. We are truthfully becoming known to the community not by words but by our deeds. May God bless all of us with good health, happiness and many years of life!

Dear Parishioners! The only way that we can continue our ministry here at Sts. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church is with your generous financial help. Thank you for your generosity in the weekly collection. Know that we need your help and deeply appreciate the sacrifices you make!


We wholeheartedly thank everyone who have volunteered for our parish fundraising projects. They pyrohy makers do exemplary work in helping the parish to pay monthly bills. We ask everyone to become a part of our parish stewardship society because more hands make everything easier in our life. Please speak with Fr. Ihor about your desire to volunteer in our parish church.

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