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Redner's Supermarket has a program "Save-A-Tape" whereby they offer to non-profit organizations a 1% Rebate Offer. Please drop your Redner's receipt in the basket at the back of the church.

Each family needs to complete the Registration Card that is found in the church envelpes. Include your email address. If nothing has changed, please mark "No Changes."

Any gravesite decorations should be removed and taken home to discard and not left at the cemetery. No Dumping is Allowed on the cemetery property. We are unable to discard of them and would like to keep our cemetery neat and free of unwanted decorations. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have moved, changed address, added or changed your email address, please notify Lisa Dries

Get "The Way" sent right to your email. The new format makes it easy to read. To subscribe, send a message to

We need volunteers to staff the Church Thrift Store on the weekends when the store is opened. The store is opened from 11am to 3pm Saturdays and Sundays - weather permitted. Call Barbara Catherman at 610-710-1342. Your help will be appreciated.

If anyone who is sick or homebound wishes to receive the Sacraments of Confession/Reconciliation and Communion, please contact Fr. Ihor at the rectory 610-933-7801 or Father's mobile at 973-979-3430.

We ask for your support to the church. Your generous donations helps pay our bills and maintain the church. You may mail your weekly offerings to the church office.


If you would like to request a Liturgy for family member or friend, there are envelopes in the vestibule of the church. Please complete the information. Suggested donation is $20. 

We would like to increase our choir membership. If you love to sing, please consider to be a part of our church choir. Contact Marusia Dombchewsky, Choir Direction, after Sunday's Liturgy.

"I Stand With Ukraine" yard signs are available for $20. If you are interested in buying a sign, Contact Fr. Ihor, Lisa Dries or Joe Borodecki.

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